About Us

Prana – life force, that underlying energy that permeates the entire Universe.

Gradually things on our vision board were coming true. We fell pregnant, purchased a 20 acre property, began practicing biodynamics, ran overseas yoga retreats and harvesting enough food to feed ourselves and others.

We, John and Christina met at Mangrove Yoga Ashram and there learnt the importance of Prana. Whilst Prana is in everything, it varies in degrees.

Something full of Prana brings vitality, ‘aliveness,’ energy – it feels good. By eating, drinking, washing, nourishing and being around things that are beaming with Prana, we increase that energy within.

“Everybody wants to feel good. Our intention is to produce food, products and practices that help people feel good.”

After leaving the ashram we moved to a small unit by the coast and discovered you don’t need a big backyard to grow your own veggies. We even had a bee hive nestled behind the water tank and some bantom chooks that roamed the garden.

Christina was teaching 20+ yoga classes a week to people ranging from 2 years to 94 years old and John was working as a chef, which he’d done for 22 years.

Knowing the power of the mind and manifestations we made a vision board of our dreams and where we would like to be in 5 years.

In 2015 we moved with our son, Kailash, to Braidwood and began to build our home. During the house build we continued our passions of yoga, real food, natural skincare and ethical home products to positively impact our health and quality of life. Prana Produce was then created so we could share these passions with others.

We fell pregnant again, this time with twins. The need to finish the house was a little more pressing so John picked up the pace and spent most his waking hours building.

At 26 weeks our identical twin baby girls arrived, Samsara and Maya. Samsara was a stillbborn and Maya spent her first 4 months of life in hospital. This experience emphasied the importance of health, family, life, love and happiness.

In 2017 Kailash was diagnosed with level 3 autism spectrum disorder. We reassessed our values and looked at what was most important to us. Living life. Sharing what we love. Being real, honest and authentic. Prana Produce is very much aligned with this. It is what we value, what’s important and what for us brings meaning to life.

We are so happy you are here and hope to share prana with you. Afterall, prana brings vitality, ‘aliveness,’ energy and best of all, it feels good!